Living in Colombo? Police to collect residential info

Living in Colombo? Police to collect residential info

Living in Colombo? Police to collect residential info

Written by Pavani Hapuarachchi

14 Jan, 2022 | 8:08 am

COLOMBO (News 1st): Sri Lanka Police have decided to gather information from all residents who are living in Colombo city, with the aim of ensuring national security and the security of the people.

The special three-day operation will be launched on Friday (Jan. 14).

“During the three-day operation, information will be gathered by Community Police Officers, on all residents residing on a temporary basis in the houses, business premises, institutions, Government and private premises, construction sites that come under the purview of the Colombo Municipal Council,” Police Spokesperson Attorney-at-Law SSP Nihal Thalduwa told News 1st.

The Community Police Officers will issue a special form to the people and SSP Thalduwa requested the residents to fill the form and hand it over to the Community Police Officers.

According to the Police Spokesperson, the residents who are unable to obtain the form from Community Police Officers, could visit the nearest Police Station and obtain it; while those who fail to hand over the completed form may do so by visiting the nearest Police Station.

SSP Nihal Thalduwa further requested the people in the Colombo city limits, to enter the correct information regarding those who are residing in the area on a temporary basis and hand it over to the relevant police officers or the relevant police station.

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