Fertilizer shortage: Are we seeing the results?

Fertilizer shortage: Are we seeing the results?

Fertilizer shortage: Are we seeing the results?

Written by Amani Nilar

18 Dec, 2021 | 9:49 am

COLOMBO (News 1st); The shortage of fertilizer and agrochemicals have affected farmers adversely, impacting the supply of food across the country as well.

Some farmers did not receive fertilizer two months into the Maha cultivation season, raising doubts over a proper harvest.

People in Thinigama in Bandarawela earn a living by cultivating and selling vegetables, however, the lack of fertilizer and agrochemicals have left their crops in utter ruin.

Some farmers said that they are unable to reap a harvest of at least 20% of the previous amount, whilst another say that the troubles faced by people are increasing daily.

The situation at tea cultivations in Eheliyagoda in Ratnapura is no different, as the shortage of fertilizer has sparked concerns of a good harvest.

Tea cultivators say they have no source of income as the cost of goods continue to increase.

A tea cultivator stated that rice costs Rs. 130 as of now, and to how they are going to be able to cultivate by plucking only about 25 or 30 kilos of tea.

“We afford our children’s studies using what we earn by plucking,” a tea plucker said.

Another tea cultivator said that the production of tea has dropped by half, and they were told that fertilizer can be bought at between Rs. 6000 and 7000, however, they emphasized that there is no point in purchasing it at that cost.

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