Litro & Laugfs Snr Management to appear before Gas probe committee

Litro & Laugfs Snr Management to appear before Gas probe committee

Litro & Laugfs Snr Management to appear before Gas probe committee

Written by Zulfick Farzan

06 Dec, 2021 | 11:12 am

COLOMBO (News 1st); The Senior Manager of Litro Gas and Laugfs Gas will appear before the Committee appointed by the President to probe incidents of Gas Explosions.

The committee is expected to question the management over the procedures followed in maintaining the standard of Gas Cylinders, Distribution, and other related aspects.

A committee representative said that the committee inspected the process followed by Litro Gas and will be inspecting the process followed by Laugfs Gas.

In early December, Sri Lanka’s Committee to investigate liquid petroleum (LP) gas explosions decided to issue a series of guidelines for the general public to follow to minimize and prevent such incidents from taking place.

1. The general public is requested to ensure that the gas cylinder purchased by them is inspected for leaks at the point of purchase.

2. If there is a suspected leak in a domestic LP gas cylinder, the gas cylinder in question should be placed outside with good airflow.

3. Thereafter, the general public is requested to immediately notify the sales agent, local police, and the committee investigating such an incident by calling 011 5 811 927 or 011 5 811 929.

4. The general public is warned to refrain from using various methods that are not scientifically proven, to test for leaks.

Leaks must only be tested by experts, stressed the committee.

5. Considering the recent events, there are no incidents of exploding gas cylinders.

However, the general public is strongly advised to ensure that the regulator, gas hose, and cooker are NOT of inferior standards.

6. The SLS standards for Regulators are SLS – 1180 and for hoses are SLS – 1172.

The recommended usage period for a regulator is 5 years and for hoses is 2 years.

7. Consumers are advised to pay special attention to the distinctive odor of gas cylinders.

8. Remember to NOT remove the regulator from the cylinder, BUT to stop the gas supply by disconnecting the lever.

9. General Public living in houses with low ventilation must pay extra attention to the aforementioned matters.

– Sri Lanka President Gotabaya Rajapaksa appointed an eight-member committee to investigate recent reports of liquid petroleum (LP) gas cylinder fires and make recommendations.

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