Expose’ on #Mawatha: CAA Red Flagged LPG cylinder change in April 2021

Expose’ on #Mawatha: CAA Red Flagged LPG cylinder change in April 2021

Expose’ on #Mawatha: CAA Red Flagged LPG cylinder change in April 2021

Written by Zulfick Farzan

03 Dec, 2021 | 12:09 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st); Sri Lanka’s Former Consumer Affairs Chief Thushan Gunawardena has revealed that from the 9th of April 2021, Litro Gas had misled the Consumer Affairs Authority over its move to introduce the hybrid gas cylinder. The expose was made on the Mawatha Intellectual discussion program.

Litro Gas Lanka introduced a new premium hybrid 18 liter LPG cylinder priced at Rs 1,395 to the local market, in April 2021.

The new product was expected to revolutionize the LPG industry in Sri Lanka by offering outstanding economic benefits in a size that meets global specifications, the company said at the time while assuring that it will be sufficient for a family of four to meet their cooking gas needs for a month.

However, Thushan Gunawardena said the CAA repeatedly questioned Litro Gas over the international standards that were followed and the difference in the hybrid gas cylinder.

“They failed to provide a clear answer and they continued to deceive the people,” he slammed Litro Gas adding that the company is putting forward various people to make statements to save face.

Gunawardena said that at the recent Ministerial Consultative Committee, representatives from Litro Gas were not in a position to reveal the composition of gas in their products.

He proposed that the Consumer Affairs Authority, as the national regulator make an official statement to the public over the matter, and reveal the truth to the people.

Thushan Gunawardena said since April the warnings issued by the Consumer Affairs Authority were ignored.

He said the CAA when investigations were launched in April 2021, it was uncovered that the serial numbers of the cylinder were erased, and when one explodes, no one will be held accountable as companies would say the cylinder does not belong to them.

Gunawardena said the composition of the hybrid product, as well as the existing products, were tested and results revealed that the Butane & Propane percentages were 50% each.

“This was evident in both Litro and Laugfs,” he said.

Gunawardena warned that the 18-liter cylinders were flooded to the market, replacing the 12.5 kg cylinder and it was the same cylinder that was used for this.

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