Sri Lanka needs a philosophical revolution: Vidura

Sri Lanka needs a philosophical revolution: Vidura

Sri Lanka needs a philosophical revolution: Vidura

Written by Amani Nilar

18 Nov, 2021 | 4:38 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st); Sri Lanka needs a philosophical revolution, says State Minister Vidura Wickremanayaka.

Speaking at a function held at the Sri Pali Campus in Horana, the State Minister commented the needs of the present education system.

Emphasizing that students who come out of schools and universities are akin to robots and they lack humanity, the State Minister said that in Sri Lanka, almost all occupations require qualifications, however the only place which does not consider any educational qualifications is the highest institution of the country, the Parliament.

Speaking further, the State Minister said that although the budget has reserved 7.6% of its funds for education, all such funds are being utilized for construction of buildings. The State Minister also questioned the point of constructing buildings when proper education is not being provided, and further pointed out that students are being taught to protect the environment when simultaneously the Parliamentarians, as the elders of the nation, are felling trees and selling them.

Meanwhile, the Secretary to the Education Ministry Prof. Kapila Perera, who was also present at the event, commented on the allocation of funds for education and educational policies.

Pointing out that 7.6% of the entire budget for the next year is reserved for education, the Education Secretary stated that seniors at Universities must be urged not to promote ragging or exercise ragging on junior students, and also stated that such incidents of ragging must be completely removed from the University system.

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