Prices of medicine skyrocket; consumers in predicament

Prices of medicine skyrocket; consumers in predicament

Prices of medicine skyrocket; consumers in predicament

Written by Amani Nilar

14 Nov, 2021 | 8:02 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st); The prices of many medicines have increased, while consumers point out that the prices of some medicines have skyrocketed. 

Pharmacy owners state that some medicines have increased by almost 100%, whilst some say that it had increased by 10-15%, and some mention that the prices have increased drastically.

Meanwhile, consumers claim that the cost of medicines has increased, and that it is difficult to live with the rising cost of living and rising drug prices at the same time. 

When News 1st inquired, some stated that those who suffer from non-communicable diseases take medicine, and rise in drug prices pose a big challenge for them.

Furthermore, some said that about Rs. 5,000 is spent at a time to visit the clinic and obtain medicine another said that Rs. 25,000 is spent per month just for medicine, a consumer said that it is a situation which the people cannot stand as the Government does not give any relief.

Whilst pointing out that the people cannot tolerate such high amounts for medicine, the customers pointed out that a drug mafia is also taking place, with merchants selling medicine at random prices, without a stable control price. 

Meanwhile, the State Ministry of Pharmaceuticals, Supplies and Regulatory stated that the reports that the prices of medicines used for non-communicable diseases have increased by between 100% and 300% are untrue.

However, the prices of about 50 major medicine for non-communicable diseases have been brought under control and their prices have been increased by only 9%  in August, due to the appreciation of the dollar.

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