Lack of fertilizer compel farmers to abandon farms

Lack of fertilizer compel farmers to abandon farms

Lack of fertilizer compel farmers to abandon farms

Written by Amani Nilar

20 Oct, 2021 | 1:17 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st); Farmers in Ridiyagama, Hambantota have recently decided not to release water from the Ridiyagama Reservoir for cultivation this season due to the lack of fertilizer.

The farmers pointed out that water is being wasted due to the fact that farmers have not yet started cultivating in their fields.

They emphasized that cultivation will only commence after they have been provided with fertilizer.

Farmers in the Medamulana and Attanayala areas in the Udayala Agrarian Services Division in Hambantota also protested, stating that they too are in a dire situation without fertilizer.

Meanwhile, farmers in Madatugama, Kekirawa also staged a protest demanding fertilizer and agrochemicals for the Maha season.

Farmers of the Madatugama Movement in Kandalama and many organizations including the Kalkiriyagama Farmers’ Organization participated in the protest.

Meanwhile, another farmers’ protest was held in the Dambagolla paddy field in Mahiyanganaya today morning.

For months, Farmers across many areas in Sri Lanka have been protesting against the shortage of fertilizer in the country.

The ban on chemical fertilisers — widely used in the tea and rice industries — was opposed by farmers who staged protests after reporting failing vegetable crops as existing stocks began to run out within weeks.

The promulgated regulation restricting and banning the import of fertilizers and agrochemicals is leading to widespread concern among Sri Lanka’s farmer community, industry associations, practitioners, and agricultural professionals.

The Sri Lankan Government has also decided only to use organic fertilizer in the country and plans on importing organic fertilizer from overseas.

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