Let’s see who goes first, Swamy’s message to Prabhakaran

Let’s see who goes first, Swamy’s message to Prabhakaran

Let’s see who goes first, Swamy’s message to Prabhakaran

Written by Zulfick Farzan

15 Oct, 2021 | 2:09 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st); Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Indian BJP MP, said he was key in having the then-Tamil Nadu Government dismissed for supporting the LTTE in 1991.

“Then Prime Minister Chandra Shekhar tasked me to make an assessment into what is really going on in Tamil Nadu. Because we received intelligence reports that Mr. Karunanidhi was preparing for a cessation announcement,” he said adding the Karunanidhi had supported the LTTE and also had his DMK members in the Cabinet of the Government.

“We also got the intelligence to say that Mr. Karunanidhi had been briefing a man called PV Subramaniam. The LTTE was allowed to freely use the Petrol Pumps in Tamil Nadu against the IPKF (Indian Peace Keeping Force) in Sri Lanka. Hospitals in Tamil Nadu were also opened to the injured LTTE to be treated,” he added.

Swamy said in his report that the only option was to dismiss the government under Article 356 of the constitution of India.

“We dismissed the (Tamil Nadu) Government, using a provision that was not noticed by anyone in the constitution except me,” he said and after that, the people celebrated the dismissal of the government.

“Later I got a message from Thambi (Prabhakaran’s lesser-known code name). The message said I was on his hit list and will be killed like General Vijayaratne,” said Swamy.
“I laughed and responded that Prabhakaran was number one in my hit list, so let’s see who goes first,” he added noting thereafter the LTTE presence was less in Tamil Nadu.

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