Motion for Salley’s release withdrawn

Motion for Salley’s release withdrawn

Motion for Salley’s release withdrawn

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27 Sep, 2021 | 7:02 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st); The motion filed requesting for the release of former governor Azath Salley was withdrawn recently. President’s Counsel Maithri Gunarathne appeared in court for the former governor.

The motion was taken up for consideration before judge Manjula Thilakarathne at the Colombo High Court number 5.

Indictments filed by the Attorney General against Asath Salley were scheduled to be taken up at Colombo High Court Number 2.

Mentioning the matter Judge Manjula Thilakarathe said his court does not possess the jurisdiction to examine a case filed at another high court.

Meanwhile, on the 14th of this month, Colombo Chief Magistrate Buddhika Sri Arangala refused to grant bail to Former Governor Asath Salley who is currently under arrest based on provisions of the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

President’s Counsel Maithri Gunarathne filed a motion requesting the Former Governor to be released on bail, citing the CID has already explained facts to the court confirming that Asath Salley had no connection to the incident where statues in Mawanella were defaced.

Senior State Counsel Wasantha Perera appearing for the Attorney General’s department pointed out that as indictments have been filed against Azath Sally in the High Court over a statement that he made at a media briefing, the Magistrate does not have the power to release the suspect on bail.

Magistrate Buddhika Sri Ragala pointed out that a perusal of the edited and non-edited footage of the statement made by Azath Sally on the 9th of March makes it clear to the court that the statement called for unity among communities and that it did not instill any animosity among communities.

The Magistrate further pointed out that if there was any disharmony created in the community as a result of an edited portion of the statements made by Azath Sally being aired by the media, the media must be held responsible for it.

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