Activists claim abducted dogs in Colombo, sold for meat.

Activists claim abducted dogs in Colombo, sold for meat.

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24 Sep, 2021 | 10:50 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st); Animal Rights Activists in Sri Lanka are concerned if dogs and puppies abducted from Colombo, are being sold as meat to foreign nationals.

In our continuing coverage on the ‘Dog-Napping’ Saga in Colombo, it has come to light that these animals may be being drugged, in order to sedate them.

On the 22nd of September, a chaotic scene in Colombo revealed an alarming situation in Colombo, about dogs being abducted by two people.

These two people are believed to be drugging the dogs and puppies and then confining them to a garbage cart in deplorable conditions.

Animal Rights Activists rescued several puppies from the possession of the two people and traced them to Rajagiriya yesterday where several more were rescued.

The activists pointed out that they took matters into their own hands since authorities failed to intervene.

According to Animal Rights Activists, the dogs have not been fed properly and are weak.

They managed to save 13 dogs from the suspected individuals, out of which 10 are puppies.

Sri Lanka Animals, the Organization that have these k9s under their custody say that they intend to treat, provide medicine find homes that would care for them.

The large number of dogs found with the two individuals has raised many questions amongst concerning factions, including the unproven possibility of them being sold illegally to foreign workers.

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