Dog-napping ring in Colombo busted by Activists? (Watch Video)

Dog-napping ring in Colombo busted by Activists? (Watch Video)

Written by Zulfick Farzan

22 Sep, 2021 | 7:26 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st); A large garbage cart filled with dogs and puppies. That was the scene that confronted Animal Rights activists early this morning as they arrived at Braybrooke Place on a tip-off.

Two people, a man and a woman, were confronted by Animal Rights Activists this morning in Colombo-02, for having a large number of dogs in their possession.

Rights activists had been informed of the suspicious duo and had arrived early today to the location. When they arrived, they found a large number of dogs and puppies being held captive. “They were all inside a garbage cart”, said one activist.

The explanation given by the two individuals was that they took in stray animals and kept them under their care. However, this explanation seemed highly improbable considering the poor conditions the dogs were in. Many were malnourished with witnesses telling News 1st that they had seen a few dead animals earlier on as well.

Animal Rights Activist Sharmini Ratnayake had made a complaint to the Police on the matter, and told News 1st that the animals could have been drugged as their “behaviour was not normal”.

The exact reasons for the animals being help captive by the two individuals is not clear, but some activists who wished to remain anonymous point out to the possibility of an illegal trade being carried out especially with an increasing number of foreign workers in the city.


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