Trade Minister explains reason behind raiding rice mills

Trade Minister explains reason behind raiding rice mills

Written by Amani Nilar

09 Sep, 2021 | 11:56 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st): The Minister of Trade, Bandula Gunawardena explaining the reason for raiding rice mills during the past few days, said agreements were not honored for the supply of rice and that the Ministry continues to supply rice to vendors despite setbacks.

“The situation was so bad, that even Sathosa could not obtain even a grain of rice. The President then accurately assessed the situation and appointed a Commissioner General of Essential Goods to defeat a conspiratorial scheme that was afoot to increase the price of rice when there is a shortage.” The Minister said.

He mentions that although discussions and agreements were reached between the vendors, mill owners and the Ministry, the goods were not supplied according to the agreed measures, which was the reason for Consumer Affairs Authority personnel to raid rice mills.

” We have been informed the that Essential Goods Commissioner had advised the officials of the Consumer Affairs Authority to release the stocks of rice to the market as usual from today onwards. In that case, there is no need to carry out such raids in the future” He added.

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