Govt trying to undermine truth on Easter Attacks; Cardinal slams PM visit to Italy

Govt trying to undermine truth on Easter Attacks; Cardinal slams PM visit to Italy

Written by Zulfick Farzan

08 Sep, 2021 | 7:44 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st); The Head of Sri Lanka’s Catholic Church His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith has slammed the government for attempting to undermine the truth.

He condemned the government’s move to go to the international community to solve issues, especially about the 2019 April 21st Terror Attacks.

“This is a very secret plan that is being hatched by the government to try to undermine the truth, and to try to get international sympathy for their inactions, for trying to hide the facts, for trying to manipulate the entire event surrounding the Easter attacks,” he told a press briefing in Colombo.

He said, “We condemn unequivocally this attempt of the government to try to go to the international community and try to fool them with their sweet talk.”

His Eminence also slammed the government for attempting to seek an audience with His Holiness, the Pope, and mislead him.

The Catholic Church has been requesting transparent and independent investigations that are not politically motivated, over the Easter Sunday attacks, he said.

“The government has been pushing us from pillar to post. The Former Attorney General Mr. Dappula De Livera made a statement to a News 1st journalist Zulfick Farzan that this was a grand conspiracy,” he said.

The Cardinal went on to note that the Easter Attacks is a kind of a project, that is a grand conspiracy because a rag-tag band of 7 or 8 suicide bombers cannot do such a thing.

“They needed brainwashing over a long time, they need technology to find and make the bombs, they needed the conviction to commit suicide. All of this requires time and support. So there is somebody who is behind all of this. We want to know who that is,” stressed his eminence noting it is their right to know who that is.

“269 people were murdered in cold blood. Their body parts were hanging from the rafters of the roof of the church. Blood was splattered everywhere. Families were completely broken. Some people are still in wheelchairs and on beds. Permanently disabled. This was a terrible disaster. 47 foreigners from 14 countries were killed. I want to ask the international community to please defend your citizens who died here. The 14 countries, including the US, the UK, and Australia, Saudi Arabia, China. Those governments must rise up to this and call upon our government to do a transparent and independent investigation,” he told reporters.

He called on the foreign governments to apply pressure on the Sri Lankan government for a thorough investigation on the 2019 terror attacks and not to defend the Sri Lankan government on its ‘nefarious’ plan.

Speaking further, His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith said the fact that the Army Directorate of Military Intelligence having links with Zahran Hashim’s group, should be investigated.

“We feel like this is a tailor-made kind of investigation just to put a blame on someone and finish it off,” he said.

“There are indications in the Presidential Commission report that some people willfully prevented this incident from coming out and willfully did not do their duty to prevent it from happening. This government is trying to protect them because it is their interests,” he added.

“Why is the government trying to protect some people? Is the government part of the conspiracy? We have to deduce from that fact that the government is part of the conspiracy also. That they are trying to protect some people and not letting the conspiracy come out,” said the Head of the Catholic Church.

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