Exclusive: CAA Chief exposes reasons for LP Gas Crisis on #Mawatha

Exclusive: CAA Chief exposes reasons for LP Gas Crisis on #Mawatha

Written by Zulfick Farzan

13 Aug, 2021 | 3:32 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st); The Executive Director of the Consumer Affairs Authority, Thushan Gunawardena says Litro gas passes unwanted costs on to the consumers.

“Advertising and Marketing expenses of Litro alone are Rs. 571 million. Why should a company with a 75% stake in the market require Rs. 571 million for advertising?” he noted during the Mawatha discussion program on Sirasa TV on Thursday (12).

He said Litro Gas must rectify its flaws and then call for price revisions on reasonable grounds.

“It was revealed in Parliament that the salary of Litro’s Chairman is Rs. 2.5 million. How can a person employed at a state institution be remunerated such an amount?,” he said while calling for such expenses to be cut down and for the benefit to be passed onto the consumers.

Thushan Gunawardena went on to note that Litro spends money in a wasteful manner and expects the CAA to support price hikes.

“The CAA is an independent institution but I still have not seen how it is independent. The CAA should do more but its hands are tied,” he said.

He called for the organizational structure of the Consumer Affairs Authority must be changed completely.

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