Farmers protest against fertilizer crisis

Farmers continue protests against fertilizer crisis

by Staff Writer 24-06-2021 | 9:55 PM
COLOMBO (News1st): Farmers who once visited their paddy fields to feed the nation, are now forced to take to the streets. Their demands are nothing, but fertilizer. Protests demanding adequate fertilizer took place in the country today as well. A group of farmers from Nochchiyagama in Anuradhapura staged a protest today. "We don't need fertilizer free of charge. We didn't ask for it as well. Sell it at reasonable rates," one farmer said. Farmers of Rideemaliyadda in Badulla also staged a protest. "We don't need fertilizer under concessions. Sell fertilizer at 1500 rupees in the country," a farmer involved in the protest noted. Farmers visited a store in Wilgamuwa while disregarding travel restrictions that are in effect. Consumer Affairs Authority officials had raided the store upon receiving information that fertilizer was being sold at exorbitant rates. Farmers had then visited the store after being informed that fertilizer will be sold at Rs 1500. "They have given fertilizer to the agrarian services centre and are attempting to sell it in the black market," a farmer complained.