Sirasa TV turns 23

Sirasa TV turns 23

Sirasa TV turns 23

Written by Staff Writer

10 Jun, 2021 | 9:55 pm

COLOMBO (News1st): Today is the 10th of June. 23 years ago, to this day Sri Lanka’s television landscape was revolutionized with the birth of Sirasa TV.

It not only differentiated but redefined TV viewing in Sri Lanka.

23 years in the offing, Sirasa TV is the number one channel in the hearts and minds of the discerning Sri Lankan viewer.

Bringing you local and international television shows, rich in content while keeping you up to date on Sri Lanka’s political direction.

Sirasa TV continues to be the pioneer of reality television in the island.

Through multiple reality shows including Sirasa Superstar, Dancing Star, Sirasa Kumariya and Manhunt our channel has evolved into an exciting brand attracting some of the best talent hungry to pursue their dreams and challenge themselves to be a part of what has today grown to be Sri Lanka’s most powerful media brand and media network.

Punchi Pahey Mung, Pentathlon and The Debater were hits among the populace of Sri Lanka, which aimed at increasing their cognitive abilities.

Sirasa Lakshapathi, conducted adhering to global standards has served as a catalyst for change within Sri Lankan society.

And now, Sirasa is ready to shine the spotlight on Sri Lanka’s Musical talent and introduce it to the global arena with The Voice Sri Lanka.

Sirasa intends to provide solace to the masses who have been restricted to their homes during these uncertain times.

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