Safe Guard and News 1st – come together to combat COVID-19

Safe Guard and News 1st – come together to combat COVID-19

Safe Guard and News 1st – come together to combat COVID-19

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09 Jun, 2021 | 5:38 pm

09 June 2021, Colombo: The foremost responsible protection brand in Sri Lanka, Safe Guard, recently joined hands with News 1st to drive awareness of maintaining health and hygiene through a series of engaging activities. Over the last two months, Sri Lanka has seen a sharp rise in hospitalizations and fatalities, as the third wave of COVID-19 sweeps across the country. Amidst this challenging situation, most people are trying to keep themselves and their families safe from the dreaded virus. Realizing the need to reassure and support people in the time of such a grave crisis, Safe Guard teamed up with News 1st – as two responsible brands – to safeguard the citizens in their hour of need.

Safe Guard and News 1st reached out to kids through an art competition to drive home the importance of hand hygiene and mask wearing. Children are the future of the nation and by engaging with them and showing their care and concern for them, Safe Guard and News 1st gained the trust of families as a responsible household brand. Further, online Webinars are also being held to engage similarly with corporates on the subject of sustaining health during the pandemic. By inculcating good hygiene practices in the workplace, infections are lower and businesses can proceed without disruption.

This joint initiative raised vital awareness on the importance of health and hygiene practices such as handwashing, hand sanitizing and wearing of face masks. By demonstrating responsible hygiene practices, Safe Guard and News 1st are showing how if each and every citizen – adult or child alike – acts responsibly, every family will become responsible for their safety and for the safety of fellow citizens across the country – bringing down the rate of infections.

As one of the most trusted household brands, Safe Guard offers a wide array of hygiene products including hand sanitizers, handwashes, disinfectants and face masks which are scientifically proven and accredited by officials and experts. Safeguard face masks and hand sanitizers are approved by the National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA), which reflects the extensive research and testing that has gone into manufacturing the products to guarantee their quality standards.

Handwashing, hand sanitizing and wearing face masks remain some of our best primary defenses against the pandemic and for good health in general. Consumers are looking for effective, safe and responsible protection against COVID-19 and Safe Guard offers the utmost confidence and assurance of optimal protection to keep users safe against the ongoing rise in COVID-19 infections in the country. More, importantly, the Safe Guard product range is gentle and safe for use by both adults and children alike and delivers the support and protection they need during challenging times.

Safe Guard is one of the premier products by ICL Brands (Private) Ltd, better known as ICL. The company has transformed over the years into ICL Brands (Pvt) Ltd., offering a plethora of FMCG brands. Today, the company holds a platinum track record in delivering the finest of internationally sourced and locally manufactured products to consumers, and operates as a member of The Capital Maharaja Group, a valued household name for every Sri Lankan.

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