Farmers hit by fertilizer shortage

Farmers hit by fertilizer shortage

Farmers hit by fertilizer shortage

Written by Staff Writer

09 Jun, 2021 | 9:30 pm

COLOMBO (News1st): Throughout the year, farmers battle multiple challenges to cultivate vegetables and fruits required by the country.

The encroachment of wild animals and the damages caused by pests are among the prominent issues faced by farmers.

Today, they are forced to battle with a fertilizer shortage as well.

Farmers visited the Tambuttegama Agrarian Services Centre in anticipation of fertilizer today.

Coupons had been distributed among farmers on the 17th of last month, stating that they would be offered fertilizer under certain concessions.

But many farmers had to return home empty-handed although they were notified to collect fertilizer today.

Only 40 out of 100 farmers who visited the agrarian services centre, were able to purchase fertilizer.

Farmers in the Waekadawala area in Hambantota have been affected due to the shortage of fertilizer.

More than 300 acres of land have been affected due to this reason.

Small scale tea estate owners in the Lower Dodamwala area in Yatinuwara are also facing severe hardships due to the lack of fertilizer.

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