(VIDEO) MV X-PRESS PEARL Fire controlled; Experts awaiting to assess situation

by Pavani Hapuarachchi 28-05-2021 | 9:04 AM
COLOMBO (News 1st): The fire aboard the distressed MV X-PRESS PEARL off the Western coast of Sri Lanka was contained, the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) said. "Our objective now is to cool the front portion of the ship by pumping water. Otherwise, nobody can get on board; they have to get on board the vessel to assess the real situation. Also, to hook a ship to pull it away if required. Therefore, we have to physically get on board the vessel," General (Retd.) Daya Ratnayake, the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority told News 1st on Friday morning (May 28). According to General (Retd.) Ratnayake, experts from Sri Lanka Navy, and others are waiting to get onboard to carry out the next phase of operations. "We have been pumping water into the ship for some time now. The flames coming out from the ship have reduced. Still, the smoke is continuing. We believe that the content aboard the vessel that caught fire is burning inside without the flame," General (Retd.) Daya Ratnayake, elaborated on the situation aboard the vessel as of Friday morning (May 28). [audio mp3="https://cdn.newsfirst.lk/english-uploads/2021/05/28052021-DAYA-RATNAYAKE-X-PRESS-PEARL.mp3"][/audio]   https://youtu.be/2oJsK6_I-aw