How to care for COVID-19 patients at home?

How to care for COVID-19 patients at home?

How to care for COVID-19 patients at home?

Written by Pavani Hapuarachchi

20 May, 2021 | 9:06 am

COLOMBO (News 1st): In an interview with News 1st on Thursday (May 20), Dr. Indika de Lanerolle, Consultant Emergency Physician at the Colombo National Hospital elaborated on how to care safely for a COVID-19 patient at home.

“A COVID-19 positive patient or someone who is awaiting PCR results at home, should wear a face mask, stay in a separate room, use separate utensils, and also use a separate washroom if available,” Dr. Lanerolle emphasized.

Dr. Lanerolle stressed that such individuals must make sure to eat well, drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

In the event someone shows symptoms of fever, they are advised to take Paracetamol of the correct dosage, he further noted.

“Moreover, such COVID-19 patients are advised to sleep on your side, or flat on your back. Such sleeping positions are found to help provide an ample supply of oxygen to the lungs of COVID-19 patients,” Dr. Indika de Lanerolle noted.

Whilst pointing out that certain COVID-19 patients may show complications, Dr. Lanerolle noted that such complications can be detected by an average person as well.

Elaborating on the matter, he said “Patients who show complications will feel fatigued even whilst doing the most basic day to day activities or whilst resting.”

“If a patient has a Pulse Oximetry at home to measure the oxygen saturation level, the normal percentage should be above 94%, adding that if the saturation level drops below that, it could be a basic indication on the onset of complications,” Dr. Lanerolle further said.

Moreover, if someone is having chest pains, that could also be an indication pertaining to complications.

“In the event, someone shows any such symptoms, they MUST immediately contact the Suwa-Seriya ambulance service, the closest hospital, or the 1390 special hotline at the Health Ministry and seek medical assistance,” Dr. Indika de Lanerolle sternly advised.

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