(VIDEO) New COVID variant detected; Prof. Malavige urges to wear facemasks

(VIDEO) New COVID variant detected; Prof. Malavige urges to wear facemasks

Written by Zulfick Farzan

23 Apr, 2021 | 5:50 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st): There is a new variant of the coronavirus that has entered the country, says Professor Neelika Malavige, from the Department of Immunology and Molecular Medicine, at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Sri Jayawardenapura.

Speaking to reporters at the Government Information Department, the Professor said this new variant is behaving completely differently from the variant detected in the first and second COVID-19 waves in Sri Lanka.

She added that what the new variant is will be announced in the next few days.

She warned that one person infected with the new variant has the possibility of infecting another 5 to 6 people as opposed to what happened with the previous variant.

“Young people infected with the virus are more likely to develop severe symptoms,” she warned adding the people losing the fear of COVID-19 is not a positive approach.

Speaking to reporters the professor went on to note that in addition to transmission of the virus via droplets, the World Health Organization research had confirmed that the virus is also airborne.

The professor further said that it is very important at this time that everyone wears masks and follows proper hygiene practices.

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