Why is a 5,000 allowance given to low income earners?

Why is a 5,000 allowance given to low income earners?

Why is a 5,000 allowance given to low income earners?

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11 Apr, 2021 | 9:42 pm

COLOMBO(News1st): The Prime Minister’s Office has issued a circular on the 5000-rupee allowance that is to be distributed among low-income earning families due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The government has decided to offer a one-time allowance of 5000 rupees to families that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to their monthly allowance.

In a circular sent to district and divisional secretaries, the Prime Minister’s Office said that families would be offered the one-time allowance under seven categories.

This includes;
1. Samurdhi beneficiary families
2. Low income earning families
3. Families comprising recipients of the Elders Allowance
4. Families comprising kidney patients who receive allowances
5. Families comprising centenarians who receive the Elders Allowance
6. Families that have filed appeals and are eligible under one of these categories

The Prime Minister’s Office noted that Samurdhi beneficiary families that comprise individuals eligible for the Elders Allowance will receive only a 5000-rupee allowance.

However the President of the All-Island Samurdhi Bank Employees Union N.A.I.B. Abeysinghe, raised concerns over the practicality of the scheme.

“We will not be able to complete the disbursement of these funds on time. The officers cannot simply hand out these allowances. We require a certain time period to implement this,” he said.

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