DNA confirms identity of Kohuwala charred remains

DNA tests confirm identity of Kohuwala charred remains

by Pavani Hapuarachchi 15-03-2021 | 11:49 AM
COLOMBO (News1st): The DNA tests confirmed the identity of the charred remains discovered inside a car in Kohuwala on 10th March 2021, and the victim was NOT a COVID-19 patient, Sri Lanka Police said on Monday (Mar. 15). "Upon obtaining samples from the victim and the parents of the suspected individual, Additional Government Analyst - D.H.L.W. Jayamanne at the Government Analyst's Department, today (Mar. 15) re-affirmed that the DNA samples match," Police Spokesperson DIG Ajith Rohana told News 1st. The victim is a 33-year-old businessman, who was residing down Bhathiya Mawatha in the Kohuwala police area. According to DIG Ajith Rohana, the autopsy of the deceased will be conducted on Tuesday (Mar. 16) to ascertain the cause of death. A charred body was discovered down Asiri Mawatha in the Kohuwala Police area last Wednesday night (Mar. 10). The Magisterial Inquiry was conducted in respect of the deceased and the Judicial Medical Officer and the Government Analyst visited the scene to ascertain the cause of death. Thereafter, the remains were brought to the Mortuary at the Kalubowila Hospital and a PCR test was conducted, which returned NEGATIVE results. Further investigations are being conducted by Kohuwala Police.