Minister Bandula storms out

Minister Bandula storms out

Minister Bandula storms out

Written by Staff Writer

08 Mar, 2021 | 10:55 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st): While allegations regarding a 100 Million tax fraud has been raised. Minister Bandula Gunewardena was inquired by journalists regarding the rise in the price of goods.

Journalists questioned the minister regarding the cancellation of importing peas and green peas, to which he said, ”Caw pea, Peas and Green peas have been halted”.

”We have changed a policy where crops that can be produced within the country have been imported without control in the past. We can’t help the prices rising.” he further stated.

The Minister boldly went on to claim ”People haven’t died without turmeric,” and ”There is no issue of bearing it”.

Upon being constantly pressed by the journalist, the irritated minister alleged the journalist was ”working on contract” from racketeers and walked out of the room, refusing to answer any further questions.

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