No sexual assault in Traveling Bag Murder case; DNA to confirm identity

No sexual assault in Traveling Bag Murder case; DNA to confirm identity

Written by Zulfick Farzan

03 Mar, 2021 | 5:59 pm

Colombo (News 1st); Detectives traced the location of the killer responsible for the murder of a woman and placing her headless body inside a traveling bag, by tracking the movement of his mobile phone, it was revealed on Wednesday (02).

Sri Lanka Police said during its extensive investigation following the detection of a traveling bag with the headless body in Dam Street, Colombo, detectives used CCTV footage to trace the bus used by the killer to reach Colombo.

‘He had boarded a bus from Hanwella along route number 143,” said Sri Lanka Police adding thereafter it was revealed the killer had used a three-wheeler to reach the bus stop from a restaurant in the area.

Further, the investigation revealed that the killer and the victim had both arrived at the hotel and detectives probed the visitor’s log and obtained the details of the duo who had checked in on the night of the 27th of February 2021.

The killer had checked-out of the accommodation on the 01st of March 2021 after settling the charge of Rs. 4100/- in full..

The killer had used polythene bags to prevent any blood from leaking from the traveling bag inside which the body of a headless woman was found on the 01st of March, said Sri Lanka Police.

“The killer had also used a bed sheet to wrap the body in order avoid any form of suspicion,” said SSP Nishantha Chandrasekara at a media briefing on Wednesday (03).

The victim, 30-year-old Yasodha Jayasuriya had left her Kuruvita residence on the 27th of February 2021 telling her family that she was going on a tour to Adam’s Peak with several friends, said Sri Lanka Police adding it was confirmed following a telephone conversation between the detectives and her brother.

An analysis of the mobile phones of the killer and the victim revealed, the killer identified as Adhikari Mudiyanselage Premasiri, a police officer and a resident from Badalkumbura had visited Kuruvita and then reached Hanwella with the victim.

Thereafter the mobile phone of the killer was only active again on the 02nd of March in Buttala, said Sri Lanka Police adding investigations then revealed he is a police officer and immediate action was taken to secure his arrest.

‘The suspect police officer had got wind of the investigations and he had fled his residence,’ said Sri Lanka Police adding later it was revealed he consumed poison and hanged himself inside the jungle close to his residence.

The killer had committed the crime after taking leave for a period of three days and thereafter gone back to his wife and children in Buttala and had not reported to work thereafter, said Sri Lanka Police.

Moreover, information has come to light that the deceased woman was having an affair with the sub-inspector who served in Ratnapura a few months back and the Ministerial Security Division before that.

Though the body of the victim was identified by the brother, Sri Lanka Police will use DNA samples from the mother & brother to confirm the identity, mainly because the body was decapitated.

“Medical experts have ruled out rape, however, the postmortem will reveal more details while the head of the woman remains missing,” said SSP Nishantha Chandrasekara.

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