Protest march in Polkandi Jaffna

Protest march in Polkandi Jaffna

Protest march in Polkandi Jaffna

Written by Staff Writer

07 Feb, 2021 | 10:13 pm

COLOMBO (News1st): The protest march organised by civil organisations in the North and East based on several demands, ended Polkandi Jaffna today.

The protest march began on the 3rd of this month from Potivul Ampara.

Representatives of religious and civil organisations, university students, and representatives of political parties who gathered in the Kilinichchi town today, began the protest march for today.

A tense situation arose when police attempted to hand over a court order prohibiting the demonstrators from protesting in the area.

Thereafter the protestors travelled across the Kilinochchi town.

The protesters’ demands included calls for the release of land, release of political prisoners, increasing the daily wage of estate workers to 1000 rupees, a solution to the issue of missing persons.

They also demonstrated against the mandatory cremation policy.

Subsequently, the protestors marched towards Jaffna.

The protesters arrived in the Polkadi town after crossing the towns of Palei, Muhamaalei, Chavakachcheri and Jaffna.

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