Caught on Camera; Buffalos show might against hungry leopard

Caught on Camera; Buffalos show might against hungry leopard

Written by Zulfick Farzan

01 Feb, 2021 | 2:17 pm

Colombo (News 1st);  A herd of buffalos showed a strength of courage by saving a calf from the grips of a hungry leopard at the Yala National Park.

The rare and exclusive footage was caught on camera by Andrew Fidel Fernando.

“We were on our way out of the park on the main trunk road when we saw this adult male (known as Julius), chilling in this tree. Watched him for a good 20mins as he rested,” tweeted Andrew.

Suddenly, he gets up and spots a small herd of water buffalo, calves in tow, walking down the road.

He Stalks the buffalo along the edge of the road for several minutes, coming out close to the road to get a sighter, then ducking back into cover as he closes the distance.

What’s clear is that he’s an experienced hunter. Here, he has closed the distance fully, and creeps up to the herd completely unseen. You can spot his head and ears in the thicket here as buffalo wander by metres away, unaware.

But he bides his time, continuing to stalk the herd, until a calf is in striking distance. The attack.

(This video is by our tracker Ravindu Sahimal. I was too stunned to even think about recording this part.)

The adult buffalo aren’t having it though. He’s trying to drag the calf away, but the buffalo surround him and both stomp and stick him with their horns. It’s a melee. He’d be forced off the calf, then recover and grab it again.

In the end, the buffalo force him off for good and he retreats into a tree. The calf is hurt -back/shoulder area is cut up and bloody.

When we spot the leopard later, he’s hurt as well. A horn has pierced him near his hind leg.

Both the leopard and the calf can walk normally.

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