Concerns on Ukraine's new COVID-19 strains

Ukraine's new virus strains sparks concerns in Sri Lanka

by Staff Writer 05-01-2021 | 8:44 PM
COLOMBO (News1st): Concerns are growing on Sri Lanka's "pilot tourism project" involving Ukrainian tourists, after Ukraine reported five new strains of COVID-19 recently. "...the new strain of the virus...may not be detected in PCR tests," Ravi Kumudesh, the president of the Association of Government Medical Laboratory Technologists said. Five Ukrainian tourists had tested positive for COVID-19 upon arrival in the country under the project spearheaded by Udayanga Weeratunga, a former Sri Lankan ambassador to Russia. "Do you think the tourists would want to come down to Sri Lanka, stay inside a room for two weeks, and undergo five PCR tests?" Weeratunga queried during an interview. But the recent arrival of Ukrainian tourists, placed in a bio-bubble, has sparked concerns among civic groups calling for tighter precautionary measures.