Buddha Sasana Task Force opposes holding PC elections

Buddha Sasana Task Force opposes holding PC elections

Buddha Sasana Task Force opposes holding PC elections

Written by Staff Writer

27 Dec, 2020 | 9:31 pm

COLOMBO(News 1st): The Buddha Sasana Task Force, issuing a communique endorsed by a group representing the Maha Sangha including Most Ven. Dr. Iththapane Dhammalankara thero has commended the Government for appointing an expert committee to draft a fresh constitution while expressing its concern over the potential decision to conduct the Provincial Council elections.

Holding Provincial Council elections would bring forth destructive consequences, the Buddha Sasana Task Force said in the communique.

The move of the Government to elect a fresh set of Provincial Councils for the next 5 years while the report of the expert committee is due to be submitted to the cabinet of ministers within the next 3 months, raises doubts among the people regarding the sincerity of the Government’s intentions to bring about constitutional change, it adds.

Conducting the Provincial Council elections and passing related laws should be halted until such time the report on the expert committee is presented, the Task Force recommends.

The provincial council system introduced through the 13th amendment had weakened the local government system in the country and spread separatism and caused disharmony among different communities, the Task Force points out.

The Buddha Sasana Taskforce strongly requested the Government to disallow certain politicians to cripple the system of governance in the country, while they hand out perks and privileges to their relatives and friends to abuse and misuse public funds.

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