News 1st marks 25 years of serving the people

News 1st marks 25 years of serving the people

Written by Staff Writer

06 Nov, 2020 | 8:24 pm

COLOMBO (News1st): News1st, born on November 6, 1995, to serve the people, has grown on to become the people’s most trusted news brand, in a space of 25 years.

The MTV / MBC Channels network launched its tri-lingual news broadcast on its radio channels Sirasa FM and Yes FM, providing a novel experience for Sri Lankan news listeners.

News 1st has continued to stand with the people, by exposing their problems, highlighting their needs and understanding their plight.

Since its inception, News1st has prioritized the need to provide accurate information, while reporting news updates as and when it happens in every nook and corner of the country.

The process involves over 3000 provincial reporters, and individuals attached to citizen journalism initiatives namely U Report, and I Witness, who together make this a resounding success.

The circle of provincial reporters have always played a crucial role in bolstering News 1st to become Sri Lanka’s largest news broadcaster.

It is their stories that are brought to you through our television and radio platforms, and to your fingertips through our SMS news alerts as well.

Their role extends beyond the stories that are brought to your homes, at times involving bitter experiences and threats.

While working tirelessly around the clock, it is these correspondents who are a vital aspect in ensuring that News 1st remains the people’s most trusted news brand.

All other individuals who have been the reason for the success of News 1st cannot be forgotten.

On January 3 2009, the Depanama Studio Complex of MTV/MBC network came under attack, etching a black mark in the history of Sri Lanka’s media industry.

Undeterred by the attack, News1st bounced back with its broadcast, even before an investigation was launched into the attack after fanning the flames of the bitter day.

Throughout the last 25 years, News1st has continued its service to the people, regardless of the imminent threats faced by the network.

Without confining its duties to the newsroom, News 1st has always taken every step possible to reach the people of this country.

The Sahana Yathra relief campaign that has helped many a life during natural disasters is one such effort.

Throughout its series of timely programmes, News 1st has strived hard to uplift the people in the country at all times.

The rally preceding the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, and the Olympic torch relay are some exercises that have not been forgotten.

By now, the Gammadda campaign that goes beyond the framework of mere news reporting has already won the hearts of the people.

The report prepared by Gammadda, highlighting the problems of the people, based on its door-to-door campaign with the Peradeniya University, has even made its way to the United Nations.

It is the you who is behind the success of News 1st.

Public faith will continue to be our greatest achievement.

We will protect you, today, tomorrow, and always.

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