Fifth edition of Gammadda door-to-door campaign draws to a close

Fifth edition of Gammadda door-to-door campaign draws to a close

Fifth edition of Gammadda door-to-door campaign draws to a close

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29 Sep, 2020 | 8:14 pm

COLOMBO (News1st): For five years, Gammadda has walked across the length and breadth of Sri Lanka to lend an ear to the problems faced by the people.

Today saw the final day of the fifth edition of the Gammadda door-to-door initiative.

Sri Lanka is made up of over 14,000 Grama Seva Divisions and over 35,000 villages. This complexity demands a systematic approach to understand the challenges faced by communities living in different regions.

The Gammadda Five-Fold Approach is founded on the principle of Action out of the Truth.

Established in 2016, The Gammadda 5-Fold Approach focuses on;

  1. spending time understanding problems through the Door-to-Door programme,
  2. collating and analyzing the key issues and preparing a comprehensive report,
  3. establishing Gammadda Saviya Community Organizations in villages,
  4. collectively planning sustainable solutions to identified issues
  5. and then, the final stage of implementing solutions.

It is this systematic, principled approach that has resulted in thousands of problems faced by rural Sri Lankans being resolved by Gammadda over the years.

As the Gammadda teams ended their fifth door-to-door programme today, we would like to thank the villagers in all parts of Sri Lanka who warmly welcomed our teams with an open heart and shared their lives with us.

We cannot forget the assistance rendered by State officials, the Sri Lanka police, and other officers as well.

The commitment shown by News 1st Journalists and our Provincial Correspondents was extraordinary.

Going beyond the call of duty, undertaking arduous journeys, be it travelling by boats or ferries, crossing precarious bridges, or visiting villages that are under the threat of being attacked by wild elephants, whatever it took, the Gammadda teams were prepared to go there, for the people.

Gammadda and The University of Peradeniya will now compile the Fifth Report and prepare to continue to serve the people of Sri Lanka.

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