10th day of the 5th Gammadda Door-to-Door initiative

10th day of the 5th Gammadda Door-to-Door initiative

10th day of the 5th Gammadda Door-to-Door initiative

Written by Tharusha Kumarasinghe

07 Sep, 2020 | 10:18 pm

(News 1st): Amidst split opinions on the Constitutional Amendments, political debates, and inclement weather, issues faced by the people of our country has to be given our attention as well.

Gammadda teams today visited the people living in the Districts of Anuradhapura, Galle, and Mannar under the 5th Gammadda Door to Door initiative.

Most people in Galenbindunuwewa in Anuradhapura are suffering from kidney disease as they have been drinking brackish water for a long time.

A well has been constructed for these villagers to fetch water about two kilometers away from where they live, but that too is located near a reserve.

Just three months ago, a villager was killed by an elephant while trying to fetch water from the well.

People in Galenbindunuwewa are in need of clean drinking water and an elephant fence.


Villagers of Musale Uttariputhura in Mannar have what they call ‘one way’ luck.

The luck comes from the fact that the Government has built houses for them but unfortunately, the people have not been allowed to settle in under a roof as of yet.

These people who are also battered by no access to clean drinking water, only see water when there is a flood.

It costs them Rs. 1,200 a day to fill their tank at home with water.

These people do not have proper means of income to earn this amount. The only request they had for us was to find a way to quench their thirst.


Mahawela is a village that located about 5 km away from Ambalangoda

People in this village escaped the 2004 Tsunami thanks to a wooden bridge set up in the area.

However today, that bridge is not there anymore.

If a 10-foot wide bridge is constructed to these villagers, they can reach the school, the police, and the hospital in 2 minutes.

Mahawela and Weragoda villages could be linked if a bridge is constructed connecting these two villages and connecting its people.

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