Prime responsibility of MPs is to serve the public; Key points from President’s Speech

Prime responsibility of MPs is to serve the public; Key points from President’s Speech

Prime responsibility of MPs is to serve the public; Key points from President’s Speech

Written by Zulfick Farzan

20 Aug, 2020 | 5:04 pm

Colombo (News 1st);  It should always be remembered that the prime responsibility of a people’s representative is to serve the public, said President Gotabaya Rajapaksa in his inaugural address to the 09th Parliament of Sri Lanka on Thursday (20).

Here are some of the key points from the President’s speech.

* All these positions are responsibilities and not privileges.

* Our first task will be to remove the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. After that, all of us will get together to formulate a new constitution suitable for the country.

* Priority will be given to the concept of one country, one law for all the people.

* While introducing a new constitution, it is essential to make changes to the current electoral system.

* The Government restructured the security apparatus and intelligence services, eliminating the fears of the people thereby restoring the security of the country.

* Methodical mechanism to protect the people against social evils such as the activities of the underworld and the drug menace.

* The President pledged to protect the unitary status of the country and to protect and nurture the Buddha Sasana during his tenure.

* Freedom of any citizen to practice the religion of his or her choice is better secured.

* A methodical procedure was introduced to appoint heads of Government institutions whereby qualifications of prospective appointees were examined through a panel of experts.

A well-experienced team of professionals, entrepreneurs, and academics was appointed instead of relatives, acquaintances, and followers.

* Competitive imports were restricted in order to protect local entrepreneurs and industrialists.

* There are people who do not possess proper deeds for the lands on which they have lived for many years. We will provide them with legitimate deeds utilizing a swift and due process.
* We will eliminate discrepancies in the delivery of free healthcare facilities for people.

Both Ayurvedic and indigenous medicinal systems will be preserved and promoted.

* We will eradicate corruption which occurs in the importation of medicine. This is why we formed a separate state ministry to manufacture, supply, and regulate medicine.

* Out of the box thinking is required in order to meet the economic challenges.

When forming ministries, special attention was given in assigning
their subjects and tasks to cover fields such as agriculture plantations, fisheries, traditional industries and promotion of self-employed job opportunities which affect most of the people in the country.

* Our basic aims are to strengthen the local economy and to increase export income.

* Plantation of palm oil trees will be stopped completely.

* We will promote the production of export crops such as pepper and cinnamon.

* We will increase the capacity of Universities enabling all students who pass the Advanced Level Examination to pursue university education.

* We will take measures to improve the Open University network and Distance Learning methods.
* We should halt the importation of fish into our country as our motherland is surrounded by the ocean.

* We will bring a halt to the plundering of our oceans by unlawful foreign fishing vessels.

* We will take steps to completely eradicate waste and corruption in all the Ministries and institutions.

* I will not hesitate to enforce the law against those who are involved in fraud and corrupt actions, irrespective of the status of any such perpetrators.

* If I find any Ministry failing to achieve its set targets, I will not hesitate to effect necessary changes to implement policies of the Government.

* I extend my hand of friendship to everyone to join me in building the prosperous nation we promised to our people.

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