Disney ends 20th Century Fox brand.

Disney ends 20th Century Fox brand.

Disney ends 20th Century Fox brand.

Written by Tharusha Kumarasinghe

12 Aug, 2020 | 9:55 pm

(News 1st): 20th Century Fox, one of the most recognized names in entertainment history, famed for its logo and the recognizable music and credited for some of the biggest movies ever made, is NO MORE.

Disney has announced it would be rebranding one of its TV studios, 20th Century Fox Television, as “20th Television.”

The new name cuts both the “Century” and the “Fox” from the studio’s name.

This move comes after Disney acquired the studio at an increased bid of 71.3 Billion U.S. Dollars on the 20th of March last year.

The well-known logo and title card, which has the words 20th Television stacked above spotlights, will stay the same minus the excluded words.

The new logo and graphics will appear on new episodes of 20th Television TV series starting in September. Older titles, which have already aired before the rebranding will maintain the former logo and name.

Disney, cutting “Fox” from all of its studios makes sense since it could be confusing for some as the remaining assets from Fox such as the “Fox Entertainment” “Fox Sports” and “Fox News” are a part of Fox Corporation, which has nothing to do with Disney.

Disney will also rebrand its other TV studios with new names and graphics. That includes changing ABC Studios and ABC Signature Studios to ABC Signature and Fox 21 Television Studios will become Touchstone Television.

20th Century Fox was created in 1935 as a merger between Twentieth Century Pictures and Fox Films.

The film studio has produced some of the most popular and beloved films in Hollywood history that includes “Star Wars” “The Sound of Music” “Die Hard” “Alien” “Ice Age” “Home Alone” and “X-Men.”

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