Tense situation at main fish market in Chilaw

Tense situation at main fish market in Chilaw

Tense situation at main fish market in Chilaw

Written by Staff Writer

29 Feb, 2020 | 9:52 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st):- A tense situation arose at the main fish market in Chilaw today (February 29). Fishermen in the area said that associations and the Chilaw Urban Council have agreed to ban the bringing in of five types of small fish to the main fish market in Chilaw.

However, against this backdrop, several lorries carrying small fish arrived, which led to a tense situation in the area.

Area residents complain that the police should attend to the matter since they’ve already lodged a complaint about the matter and that if not they will resort to protesting for a solution.

The Secretary of the Chilaw Urban Council, Thushan Abeysekera claims;

“There has been an issue among the fisherman today. This happened as a result of the decision of banning the sale of small fish. We are planning to convene a general meeting and find solutions for the issue.”

The Chilaw Police has intervened to provide a solution. On inquiring the Police said the issue has been brought under control. The police said that this situation has arisen due to a dispute between several fishermen in the area and that the relevant parties will be called in and an inquiry will be held tomorrow.

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