Airbus scam unravels political deals between MR and RW

Airbus scam unravels political deals between MR and RW

Airbus scam unravels political deals between MR and RW

Written by Staff Writer

22 Feb, 2020 | 9:36 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st):- Speaking about the Airbus deal that is much under debate at present, leader of the National People’s Power, Anura Kumara Dissanayaka says;

“Kapila Chandrasena had transferred Rs. 140 million to an account belonging to Nimal Perera. Who is Nimal Perera? He was not a board member of the SriLankan Airlines. Neither was he a member of the cabinet. So why were these funds transferred to his account? Prior to this, a fund transfer amounting to Rs. 600 million to his account was investigated. During the investigation, he has provided a statement claiming he did not take even a cent from these funds. He had also mentioned to whom these funds were transferred thereafter. These revelations will come to light if the government takes proper action. Nimal Perera must make a statement to the entire country in this regard. If not, Nimal Perera must be questioned in this regard. I am certain that Nimal Perera did not use even a single cent from the Rs. 140 million that was transferred to his account.”

He continued to say;

“On the other hand, the UNP government canceled the agreement to purchase the aircraft, claiming it was a burden to the airline and the airlines could not bear such a massive cost. Back then, Ranil Wickremesinghe’s classmate Ajith Dias was the Chairman of SriLankan Airlines. The CEO was Suren Ratwatte, the brother of Charitha Ratwatta. Sunil Handunnetti as the chairman of COPE revealed that US$ 115.7 million was spent to cancel this agreement. USD 115.7 million is equal to Rs. 17 billion. Then minister-in-charge Kabir Hashim, the Attorney General’s department or the cabinet was not aware of this. The cabinet was not aware when the agreement was signed or when it was canceled. They took commissions when the agreement was signed and they took commissions when the agreement was canceled. Who was responsible for this? It was Ranil Wickremesinghe. While Suren Ratwatte was in a meeting with a French Bus Company, he sent an SMS to his brother Charitha Ratwatta stating they were imposing conditions, and whether to cancel the agreement. Charitha Ratwatta replied saying do it. This is how this transaction took place, with the government having to spend Rs. 17 billion.”

Meanwhile, UPFA MP, Namal Rajapaksa speaking about the matter said;

“An investigation must be conducted to look into this matter. Media reports claim that my name was stated in courts. I will seek legal advice in this regard from the Attorney General. In my view, this is an attempt to blame the Rajapaksas and for the real culprits to escape. These investigations should be conducted in a transparent manner. I urge them to maintain transparency.”

Meanwhile, a journalist questioned Minister Bandula Gunawardene about who else is involved in the matter, to which he responded that he does not know and that as per their government stance that all those involved in wrongdoing will be punished once the investigation is concluded.

UNP MP, Harin Fernando speaking about the issue says;

“Where are all the cameras opposite the CID, that was there day and night during our government, when Namal Baby arrived at the CID? The CID had recorded statements from two figures connected to the Rajapaksa family. Why were the funds transferred? We will reveal all of this in the near future.”

UPFA MP Chandima Weerakkody said;

“Who pampered Kapila Chandrasena? Was it our government? No, it was the government that came to power to nab the thieves. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa enforces the law equally.”

The State Minister of Investment Promotions, Keheliya Rambukwella states;

“Sri Lanka’s judiciary is very independent. The Attorney General’s department and all law enforcement agencies must take legal action against all wrongdoers. Their positions and titles should be disregarded.”

General Secretary of the UPFA, Mahinda Amaraweera said;

“A loss of more than US$ 16 million has been reported. We will conduct a comprehensive investigation into this matter. The President will ensure that this investigation will not be affected by any political interference.”

Meanwhile UNP MP, S.M. Marikkar says;

“Details have surfaced about individuals who have defrauded US$ 2 billion in the Airbus deal. The general public should decide whether they would give room for both sides to steal their money. This is because it is the people who vote for a party and send their representatives to Parliament. Generally, when a person passes the age of 60 he cannot engage in state employment. Now the time has come to change the individuals who are looting on a shift basis. Therefore, if thieves are voted into power they protect the thieves of the other party. The thief does not nab the other thief. Therefore the people have a responsibility to defeat the thieves on both sides.”

Convener of the Voice Against Corruption, Wasantha Samarasinghe said;

“If we receive a deposit of more than Rs 1 million, the bank questions us on the source of funding. This is what the Central Bank usually does. We wish to ask Cabraal as to why Namal Rajapaksa was not questioned on the source through which he received the funds. The theft committed by Kapila Chandrasena was done with the knowledge of the Cabraals and the Rajapaksas. That is why the Kabir Hashims and Ranils jointly swept the matter under the carpet. They have become startled now that the investigations have come out. Although Cabraal tried to cover this up, where the money deposited to Namal’s account has gone cannot be concealed. The money which was transferred after being received by Namal’s friends too cannot be concealed. Therefore, the reason behind depositing the money to Namal’s account too cannot be concealed. The UK Export Finance Department has filed a complaint to the Fraud Office seeking to investigate a fraudulent transaction that had taken place involving a company in our country. When they start the probe, the corruption inquiry is settled after paying US$ 4 billion. When this message reaches Sri Lanka, Kapila Chandrasena and his wife go to court seeking to revoke the travel ban imposed on them. The next day, the Attorney General instructs their arrest.”

He further went onto say;

“This shows that this case had been heard and that the complaint had been investigated during the period of Minister Kabir Hashim, before impounding the passports of both of them. This shows that they have been searching for information. Who concealed this? It was Ranil. This was because the Mahindas, Namals, and the Shiranthis would be exposed if this matter comes to light. In the recent past Ranjan’s audio tapes, the Coronavirus and the forensic audits were used to divert attention from the Airbus case. We do not know what will come next in order to sweep this under the carpet.”

Against this backdrop, a journalist questioned UPFA MP Chandima Weerakkody if there is any deal between the SLPP and the UNP, to which he responded, that there are deals within the UNP, but that he cannot comment about this. He further said that there are also powerful politicians in the UNP supporting them and that they have been protected and treated well accordingly.

Leader of the National Unity Front, Azath Salley also speaking of an alleged deal between the two parties said;

“What exactly is this deal? Mahinda Rajapaksa has been looting for the past 15 years, since 2005. Ranil Wickremesinghe, on the other hand, protects him. When Ranil Wickremesinghe loots the public funds, Mahinda Rajapaksa protects him. This is a claim made by the Mahanayaka Theros, and not me. We can tell Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa that we can see you protecting them.”

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