Former government denies allegations of purchasing vehicles

Former government denies allegations of purchasing vehicles

Former government denies allegations of purchasing vehicles

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18 Feb, 2020 | 9:16 pm

Colombo (News 1st): What happened to the vehicles allegedly used by the ministers of the previous government?

Min. Mahinda Amaraweera: A report was presented regarding the vehicles used by the ministers of the previous government. After I assumed office I had not purchased a single vehicle at the Mahaweli Ministry. I did not purchase a single vehicle over a course of 10 years. But news reports were being published in newspapers saying that I had purchased a vehicle worth Rs 42 million. Hon Speaker, I have never even got into such a vehicle.

MP Ranjith Madduma Bandara: My name was also mentioned and tied to the purchase of a Rs 43 million vehicle for the Ministry of Internal affairs. I never even served as the Minister of Internal Affairs, not a single new vehicle was purchased for me.

MP Gayantha Karunathilake: When I served as the minister of mass media, I used the vehicle of my predecessor, Minister Keheliya Rambukwella. I used the same vehicle when I served as the minister of lands. The vehicles were handed over when we left the ministry. A vehicle may have been purchased for a deputy minister, however, ultimately, we are blamed for it.

MP Lucky Jayawardena: They claimed I too purchased a vehicle when I served as the state minister. When I took over, I was unable to even use the vehicle that was used by my predecessor.

MP Nalinda Jayatissa: This matter was revealed, when a member of the ruling party responded to a question raised by me. Now everyone claims that they did not use the vehicles that were purchased for them. If that’s so, where are all the vehicles? Request the CID to launch an investigation into this matter, and to locate the whereabouts of these vehicles. Vehicles were purchased for Rs 2.8 billion. So if everyone claims they did not use the vehicles, these vehicles should be located. These vehicles were purchased in the name of the minister, not the ministry. Who is using these vehicles? The new ministers do not need new vehicles as these vehicles can be used instead. This issue can be solved if the respective minister informs parliament on the vehicle that was brought for them, along with the vehicle number, cost, and the date of purchase.

MP Johnston Fernando: I did not mention the name of any minister. There are no reports that these vehicles disappeared. But who purchased vehicles amounting to Rs 2.8 billion?

MP Harin Fernando: If these vehicles are a burden for the country, I request the present government to sell them through a public auction and to raise funds for the government. These vehicles will now be used by the present government.

MP Johnston Fernando: This is what they mean by, no one has the brains when they are in power. They only think when they are no longer in power.

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