“Official statement on new alliance’s symbol by Monday” – Former State Minister Lucky Jayawardana

“Official statement on new alliance’s symbol by Monday” – Former State Minister Lucky Jayawardana

“Official statement on new alliance’s symbol by Monday” – Former State Minister Lucky Jayawardana

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16 Feb, 2020 | 9:15 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st):- Ahead of the upcoming general election, both the government parties and the opposition, yet seems undecided on forming alliances, party symbols etc.

Many politicians of the United National Party, commented on issues around the election agenda of their party in various places today as well.

UNP MP, Wasantha Aluvihare said:

“I would like to state this to all of you. The Opposition Leader and the Leader of the Party Ranil Wickremesinghe will hold discussions and decide on whether we will contest the upcoming election under the symbol of the Elephant or Swan. We will then create awareness on this matter in the grassroots of the country and then Sajith Premadasa will become the Prime Minister of our country.”

Following a meeting held in Kolonnawa, UNP MP S. M. Marikkar spoke of the issue with the media.

Journalist: What is your stance on the symbol of the party?

S.M.Marikkar: The symbol will be the Swan

Journalist: Has approval been granted?

S.M.Marikkar: That is all sorted

Meanwhile former State Minister, Lucky Jayawardana says that the issue was solved last night and that by Monday an official statement will be issued. He added that an alliance headed by the UNP will be formed after which a government will be formed.

UNP MP Piyasena Gamage, says;

“It has been established that the leadership required to win can only be given by Sajith. Sajith’s name is being mentioned even when asked about the party. The people’s hope is that the party would be Sajith’s and the symbol would be Sajith’s as well.

Meanwhile also speaking on the matter, UNP MP Mujibur Rahman said;

“I don’t think a division will occur any further. With the approval of the Central Working Committee, everything will turn out for the better. Most probably the election would be contested under the symbol of the Swan. A discussion was held on Friday at the party office. According to what Ranjith Madduma Bandara and Ravi Karunanayake said to the media, it had ended on a positive note. We will unite all other parties in the alliance and contest the election under one symbol.”

UNP MP, Manusha Nanayakkara said;

“The issues within our party is being talked about. There are many issues within the SLPP and SLFP. They still have not resolved those issues. The issues centering the UNP and its alliance have been solved. The only issue is regarding the symbol. The decision to contest together has been made. Whatever the symbol is, the Elephant or the Swan, we will make sure we send this Government home.”

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