Rs. 2.8 billion spent on vehicles by government of good governance: Minister Johnston Fernando

Rs. 2.8 billion spent on vehicles by government of good governance: Minister Johnston Fernando

Rs. 2.8 billion spent on vehicles by government of good governance: Minister Johnston Fernando

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07 Feb, 2020 | 11:04 pm

Colombo (News 1st): Chief Organizer of the government Johnston Fernando said that since the 8th of January 2015, the government had spent Rs. 2.8 billion for the purchase of vehicles. He made this statement in parliament today (Feb 7).

“Rs. 2.8 billion was spent on vehicles by the government of good governance. Rs. 1.6 billion was spent on vehicles for Cabinet Ministers. Rs. 652 million spent on vehicles for state Ministers. Rs. 567 million was spent on vehicles for Deputy Ministers.”

As per the revelation made by Minister Johnston Fernando, this is how money was spent on the purchase of vehicles at various ministries during the previous government.

  • Non – Cabinet Ministry of Digital Infrastructure and Information Technology – 2017
    2 Vehicles
    Rs. 82.51 Million
  • Non – Cabinet Ministry of Science Technology and Research
    2 Vehicles
    Rs. 80.37 Million
  • Ministry of Special Area Development
    2 Vehicles
    Rs. 110.92 Million
  • Finance Ministry
    1 Vehicle
    Rs. 33 Million
  • Ministry of Defence
    2016, 2017, and 2019
    8 Vehicles
    Rs. 327.47 million
  • Ministry of National Policies Economic Affairs Resettlement & Rehabilitation, Northern Province Development, Vocational Training and Skills Development and Youth Affairs – 2016
    3 Vehicles
    Rs. 70.5 Million
  • Ministry of Postal Services, and Muslim Religious Affairs
    2 Vehicles
    Rs. 84 Million
  • Ministry of Justice and Prison Reforms – 2016
    2 Vehicles
    Rs. 79 Million
  • Ministry of Health Nutrition, and indigenous medicine – 2017
    2 Vehicles
    Rs. 79.38 Million
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs – 2017
    2 Vehicles
    Rs. 84.05 Million
  • Ministry of Highways Road Development and Petroleum Resources Development – 2016 & 2017
    5 Vehicles
    Rs. 161.52 Million
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Economic Affairs, Livestock Development, Irrigation and Fisheries and Aquatic Resources – 2017
    4 Vehicles
    Rs. 162.26 Million
  • Ministry of Power, Energy, and Business Development – 2016
    1 Vehicle
    Rs. 32.20 Million
  • Ministry of Women and Child Affairs and Dry Zone Development – 2016
    2 Vehicles
    Rs. 82.05 Million
  • Ministry of Lands and Parliamentary Reforms – 2019
    2 Vehicles
    Rs. 71.05 Million
  • Ministry of Primary Industries and Social Empowerment
    1 Vehicle
    Rs. 35 Million
  • Ministry of Education – 2017
    2 Vehicles
    Rs. 80.6 Million
  • Ministry of State Administration and Disaster Management – 2016
    3 Vehicles
    Rs. 97.08 Million
  • Ministry of Plantation Industries – 2017
    1 Vehicle
    Rs. 40.41 Million
  • Ministry of Upcountry New Villages, Estate Infrastructure & Community Development – 2016 & 2017
    5 Vehicles
    Rs. 198.34 Million
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government – 2016
    4 Vehicles
    Rs. 140 Million
  • Ministry of National Integration, Social Progress and Hindu Religious Affairs – 2017
    3 vehicles
    Rs. 115.6 Million
  • Ministry of State Finance, UpCountry Heritage and Kandy Development – 2016
    2 Vehicles
    Rs. 74.7 Million
  • Ministry of Tourism Development, Wildlife and Christian Religious Affairs – 2016 & 2017
    2 Vehicles
    Rs. 71.16 Million
  • Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment – 2016
    1 Vehicle
    Rs. 43 Million
  • Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development
    1 Vehicle
    Rs. 42.50 Million
  • Ministry of City Planning Water Supply and Higher Education – 2016
    3 Vehicles
    Rs. 113.38 Million
  • Ministry of Ports Shipping and Southern Development – 2016
    2 Vehicles
    Rs. 80 Million
  • Ministry of Telecommunication Foreign Employment and Sports – 2017
    4 Vehicles
    Rs. 160 Million
  • Ministry of Development Strategies and International Trade  – 2016
    2 Vehicles
    Rs. 76.28 Million

Minister Johnston Fernando noted that a total of Rs. 1.65 billion was spent on vehicles for Ministers, Rs. 652.85 million for Deputy Ministers and a total of Rs. 564.99 million was spent on vehicles for Deputy Ministers.

MP Anura Kumara Dissanayake noted that a group of these Ministers are now ministers in the current government as well.  He pointed out that certain Ministers for whom vehicles were purchased under the list are now members of your government. He questioned if these vehicles will be put up for public auction and the proceeds of the sale be used to pay the pensions of the employees whose pensions were slashed. He noted that there is a problem with the scanning machine at the Maharagama Cancer Hospital, therefore, will the money be used to provide a solution to that.

Responding to this Minister Johnston Fernando said that since 2017 some people crossed over and accepted cabinet portfolios and things like this have happened in the past. He added

“You have been Ministers and have taken up portfolios in the past. Then you too would have used vehicles, you cannot say that you did not use these vehicles. But this was your government. You cannot save your skins by asking us to auction them off. You are a party that did not support the removal of that government. You helped them with all of this. Not only that, you went entered temple trees through the back door and the front door and you stood with that government when they conducted investigations and filed cases. If you are asking us to auction these off, you should have stopped them when the purchases were being made.”

Are these politicians true representatives of the people?

While the people are suffering to make ends meet, is it ethical for public representatives to enjoy lavish lifestyles with luxury vehicles at the expense of the public?

For your attention.

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