Aircraft carrying 33 SL students arrives in SL

Aircraft carrying 33 SL students arrives in Sri Lanka

by Staff Writer 01-02-2020 | 9:17 AM
Colombo (News 1st): The SriLankan Airlines aircraft carrying 33 Sri Lankan students arrived at the Mattala International Airport earlier today. The 33 students were trapped in Wuhan which was locked down since the first case of the Coronavirus outbreak was reported. Sri Lanka's acting Ambassador to China K. Yoganathan said the aircraft left Wuhan China at 4.05 am local time. The acting Ambassador speaking to News 1st confirmed that 580 Sri Lankan students have returned to the island thus far. The Civil Aviation Authority said measures are in place to prevent the coronavirus from entering the country via passengers. The Ministry of Health said the people living around hospitals where suspected cases were admitted are not at risk of contracting the virus. Deputy Health Services Director of the Health Ministry Dr Paba Palihawadana said the disease can be transmitted through sneezing or coughing, which disperses droplets of body fluids such as saliva or mucus. A statement added, the epidemiology unit or the World Health Organization has not yet recommended for Sri Lankans to wear facemasks.