We are prepared to support proposals which favour the public-Sajith Premadasa

We are prepared to support proposals which favour the public-Sajith Premadasa

We are prepared to support proposals which favour the public-Sajith Premadasa

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16 Jan, 2020 | 9:50 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – Opposition leader Sajith Premadasa says, the opposition is prepared to support government proposals that would benefit the general public.

The opposition leader who arrived in Kandy this morning paid homage to the Temple of the Tooth Relic.

Subsequently, the opposition leader visited the Malwatte Maha Viharaya.

Most Ven. Dimbulkumbure Vimaladhamma Thero, Anunayake of the Malwatte Chapter of the Siam Sect noted that a strong opposition is necessary to seek truth and deliver justice swiftly.

Thero added that due to certain issues Sajith Premadasa could not win and it is not a reason to be demotivated. Thero shared that both Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Sajith Premadasa received support from the people and it should be recognized.

Thero added that there will be a day where they too will have drawbacks, and someone else will receive the opportunity.

Sajith Premadasa, Opposition Leader shared that as a responsible opposition they will have to wait till April to obtain a two-thirds majority. He went on to note that they will remain to support the public mandate, however, they will not agree with every proposal that will benefit the general public.

Consequently, Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa visited the Asgiriya Maha Viharaya and called on Most Venerable Warakagoda Sri Gnanarathana Thero.

Ven. Narampanawe Ananda Nahimi, Deputy Registrar of the Asgiriya Chapter of the Siam Sect stated that the country needs a proper national policy and Sajith Premadasa’s input will positively contribute to this.

Sajith Premadasa stated that under the provisions of the MCC, ACSA, and SOFA agreements, Sri Lanka is liable to provide services to the USA and added that whether those agreements could be revoked or not should be directed at the those who signed them.

Premadasa further added that important assets such as Trincomalee port should be used to achieve national goals.

Opposition leader Sajith Premadasa then visited the Menik Hinna Huri Kaduwa Vidyasagara Privena and called on the chief prelate of the Ramanya Sect Most Ven. Napane Pemasiri Thero.

Ven. Hurikaduwe Pavarasiri Thero, Menikhinna Hurikaduwa Vidyasagara Pirivena:

“J R Jayawardena turned the society upside down. Even Ranil Wickremesinghe showed reduced levels of respect towards Buddhism. However, Ranasinghe Premadasa was closer with the Buddhist monks.

A journey distant from Buddhism never became a reality in history. Follow your father’s footsteps.

He faced several challenges as well, just like you. Even party leadership was not served to him on a platter. They were not able to withhold awarding positions because he worked.”


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