Govt. diverting people's attention with recordings

Government diverting people's attention with recordings : Chameera Perera

by Staff Writer 10-01-2020 | 11:34 PM
Colombo (News 1st): Addressing a rally in Mahaapahtana, Kandy today (January 10) State Minister of Investment Promotions Keheliya Rambukwella noted that the UNP claimed the 19th Amendment will ensure the law is enforced in the proper manner and that the judiciary is independent. He noted that they now see how independent the judiciary is. He added that they see how phone calls were made to judges and the attempts made to influence the judiciary and now the UNP is trying to dump the entire blame on Ranjan Ramanayaka. He said they will launch a disciplinary inquiry soon and suspend him from the UNP. Further, Wasantha Samarasinghe convened a media briefing in Anuradhapura today. He noted that the hype created due to MP Ranjan's phone recordings has now succeeded the Central Bank bond scam. He added that the scripts of this play are being drafted and in a few more days, all the hype due to the phone recordings will fade away, just like the Central Bank bond scam, because there must be legal provisions in place to punish MP Ranjan Ramanayake. He went onto note;
"Those engaged in corruption in the country must be punished. They have now started to hear cases via media. In the coming days, something new will be released. If there is any suspicion or flaw regarding the judiciary, the judiciary service commission and other law enforcement agencies must intervene and address this issue. We urge the government to protect the public and ensure perpetrators and criminals will not be released."
Meanwhile, the Convener of the National People's Council Chameera Perera noted that Mahindananda Aluthgamage is now making contradicting statements, saying this matter must be investigated and confidentiality must be maintained in this regard. He noted that they say committees must be appointed to look into this, however, there is no point in appointing committees or commissions now. He said everything has been revealed and this will no longer be a matter that can be dumped on Ranjan Ramanayaka in the future. Chameera Perera noted that though Keheliya Rambukwella says this matter must be addressed carefully, there is nothing more to protect. He said against a backdrop where the cost of living has skyrocketed, and when the government is trying to bring in the MCC and the fuel price formula, and when the government is finding it hard to deliver the promises they made, they are trying to divert the attention of the public with such drama. Convener of the Organization to Protect Consumers Asela Sampath also speaking about the issue noted that potatoes are between Rs. 80 to 85 in Fort, the prices of vegetables are skyrocketing, while all of this is happening they are trying to fill the stomachs of the people by feeding them these voice recordings. He noted that they are trying to continue these false shows with voice recordings until March without looking into the daily issues of the people. He noted:
"They are trying to deceive the people. They have forgotten about the Central Bank Bond Scam, they have forgotten about Arjuna Mahendran, they have forgotten all of this. So we would like to say enough with these voice recordings. Feed the people of this country. Go to the market and see if the tax concessions that you gave are being enjoyed by the people."