BASL condemns statement issued by the Swiss Government

BASL condemns statement issued by the Swiss Government

BASL condemns statement issued by the Swiss Government

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03 Jan, 2020 | 9:08 pm

Colombo (News 1st): The Bar Association of Sri Lanka has strongly condemned the statement issued by the Swiss Government where it is alleged that the “due process” has not been followed during the investigation of Swiss Embassy local employee’s alleged abduction incident.

In a statement, the BASL requests the makers of this statement to immediately disclose the areas of “Due Process” that has not been followed in this instance.

The release was issued with regard to the recent statement issued by the Government of Switzerland on 30th December 2019, pertaining to the judicial proceedings currently pending in the Colombo Magistrates Court, involving an employee of the Swiss Embassy in Sri Lanka.

The release added, “Without mentioning such specific instances, to issue a bare statement, as has been done in this instance, amounts to a serious undermining of the Judiciary and the other Law enforcement agencies in Sri Lanka which are more than equipped to follow the accepted norms.”

The BASL requests the Embassy to refrain from making such baseless statements and if there is any concern that they have, to bring it before the relevant forum without making ad hoc and inconsistent statements that undermine the country’s legal system and the judiciary.

The BASL released added that the Government of Switzerland should be mindful of Article 41 of the Vienna Convention which clearly states that all persons enjoying such privileges and immunities have an equal duty to respect the Laws and Regulations of the receiving State, in this instance; Sri Lanka.

The Association said this is an attempt to undermine core values in Sri Lanka’s Judicial System which the country has followed and treasured for more than two centuries.

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