Tear up MCC as well as ACSA and SOFA: Sajith Premadasa

Tear up MCC as well as ACSA and SOFA: Sajith Premadasa

Tear up MCC as well as ACSA and SOFA: Sajith Premadasa

Written by Staff Writer

21 Dec, 2019 | 9:42 pm

Colombo (News 1st): The Navoda Lanka Organization held a meeting in the Kirillawala town today (December 21). The chief guest of this meeting was the Presidential candidate of the New Democratic Front, Sajith Premadasa. The Navoda Lanka Movement has been established by members of the Communication Unit of the United National Party.

Chairman of the Movement Sudath Chandrasekara noted that everyone is hoping for a change. He added that there was a different candidate at three previous candidates, claiming that he cannot run and it shows that there is an issue with the leadership. He went onto note that the first thing that their government did was to rob the Central Bank, they did many mistakes thereafter, and this is what ensured the defeat.

Chandrasekara noted that all those who were engaged in all these frauds including the bond scam should be punished as per all the commission reports. He said they know that these people ruined the party and this government and noted that they should embark on a new journey by removing these people.

UNP MP Sajith Premadasa also speaking at the meeting expressed the following views.

“A lot of people speak about the changes in the environment, global warming, and the ozone layer. They say we are already late. There is a dangerous situation that is being created. What fate will befall our country with the rising seawater levels? These should be thought about. There should be a policy in the country on how to face these. There should be policies for how the country would face the future. What will we present to our future generations? We only export 60%. If these countries decide to meddle with our political agenda they would impose sanctions on our exports. Our exports should be diversified. They said we would be slaves of the USA through the MCC. 6.9 Million people accepted this. Those days they did not say that 70 percent of it was good and that 30 percent was bad. As we claimed, we will provide our fullest support, you should tear up the MCC as well as the ACSA and SOFA. If they want they can also tear up the Singapore Sri Lanka FTA.”

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