V-Force takes on project to plant 1000 trees along the Kalu ganga

V-Force takes on project to plant 1000 trees along the Kalu ganga

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14 Dec, 2019 | 10:32 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st):- Gammadda V Force carried out yet another successful project in Ratnapura today (December 14) with the participation of a large number of volunteers. Today’s project, to plant trees, commenced from near the Warakathota Bridge in Ratnapura. Youth from various fields participated in the program.

Emeritus Professor, Vidyajothi Sarath Kotagama speaking to News 1st said;

“The Kumbuk tree is a true service provider to the environment. The main fact is that this stops the banks of the river from being washed away because the tree’s roots have fibres in it. This tree has another skill, it can reduce the calcium level of the water. There is no point in planting trees for the sake of it. It is important to select the tree that you are planting. This is not going to be valuable for today. This is a commitment that we make for a long journey. We can take our country forward if we can engage in matters like this.

The long term objectives of planting these trees are to provide a solution to the risk of floods, by reducing the banks of the river being washed away. Eight teams commenced planting 1000 trees along the banks of the Kalu Ganga commencing from the Warakathota bridge.

Religious leaders, officials attached to the Ratnapura PS, Police officers, University Students as well as students from the Maharaja Institute of Management took part in the program. Several institutions also worked hand in hand with the Gammadda V Force. Financial support for this project was provided by MAS Intimates.

The Red Cross, the Police Life Guards, The Haritha Udaya National Movement also joined hands with Gammadda V Force to make this project a success.

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