A woman and child killed in wild elephant attacks

A woman and child killed in wild elephant attacks

A woman and child killed in wild elephant attacks

Written by Staff Writer

30 Nov, 2019 | 9:18 pm

Colombo (News 1st): A woman and a child were killed in elephant attacks that took place in Polonnaruwa and Matale within a 48 hour period. Residents say that if immediate action is not taken against the wild elephant menace, this could escalate to a catastrophic level.

The villagers of Alewewa in Polonnaruwa have been burdened with wild elephant attacks like never before and their daily routines have been disrupted as a result of this menace. Earlier today a 12-year-old was attacked when she stepped out of her house.

A resident noted that 3 elephants came their way last night and it was the same elephant who attacked the child that had damaged the neighbour’s houses and eaten their crops. The death of young Hirushi left the entire village in shock.

Her body is lying at the Polonnaruwa General Hospital morgue. Even when the principal of the school that Hirushi was studying arrived at the scene, the wildlife officials had not yet arrived.

The principal then made a phone call to the Weheragala Wildlife office, this is the response he received:

Principal: Are you aware of the incident where a child was attacked by a wild elephant earlier today?

Wildlife official: We got to know about it now.

Principal: Did any of your officers come to the location?

Wildlife official: No, not yet. They have even gone to the Divisional Secretariat. There is no vehicle. They will have to come on the bicycle.

Principal: Are you alone at the office? Did you not inform any senior officer in this regard?

Wildlife official: I will be coming there anyway. I will come there and leave.

Principal: So you are coming here with no purpose?

Wildlife official: Yes. Yes.

So who is responsible for this unfortunate situation?

While one innocent child of the future of this country bid farewell to us, her family still continues to struggle as victims of the human-elephant conflict.

Meanwhile, the locals in Nalanda, Hapugasyaya in the Matale district also suffering due to the human-elephant conflict. Another 55-year-old woman fell victim to the human-elephant conflict in Bogasboballa.

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