UNP supporters demand a leadership change in the party – Sydney Mendis

UNP supporters demand a leadership change in the party – Sydney Mendis

UNP supporters demand a leadership change in the party – Sydney Mendis

Written by Staff Writer

24 Nov, 2019 | 8:50 pm

COLOMBO(News 1st) – The polling station organizers of the United National Party convened a media briefing today.

Sugath Rathnasiri, Convenor of the Federation of Polling Station Organizers, Anuradhapura noted that they would bow to the mandate of the people and offer the leadership of the party to a young person to secure votes at the upcoming general election.

H.K.K Sakunthala, a Member of the Federation of Polling Station Organizers, Anuradhapura stated that if there is to be a general election they would not even secure 40 parliamentary seats. He added that when they were at a demonstration the party leadership did not even bother to extend his gratitude to them.

Nalin Seneviratne, member of the Federation of Polling Station Organizers, Anuradhapura:

“He fields one person. If that person loses, he continues his political journey and fields another person. If that person also loses, he continues. There should be some respect to the mandate of the people. How else will you be a leader?  If the members are going away from the party, and if we are losing all the elections. I think the best thing to do is to hand over the leadership to someone with a lot of energy.”

Meanwhile, Ashoka Danawansha who is the UNP Balapitiya Electorate Organizer convened a media briefing today. He noted that he had a political career during the latter part of J.R Jayawardena’s presidency and during the full tenure of President Premadasa.

He added that Sajith Premadasa has been able to secure 5.5 million votes amidst a challenging atmosphere, he was the candidate that the country asked for and he is the person the country wants to see as the leader of the party. He went on to note that if the opportunity is given, it is not difficult to resurrect this party in five years.

A group of UNP members of the Biyagama PS also convened a media briefing. Chaminda Niwunhalla member of the Biyagama PS shared that grass-root level party supporters have informed them that the UNP party leadership and a few people around the leaderships are responsible for the defeat at the Presidential election. He added that they did not receive any support at the ground level. He further added that they did not receive any financial assistance from the leadership or through Sirikotha.

Sydney Mendis, member of the Biyagama PS:

“The village level completely rejects your leadership and your opposition leader position. There is no use for us from your leadership. If you contested this election you will not receive even a million votes.  That is for certain. The people in the village said that if you would participate in a meeting the people will not come. You wanted to save your prime minister position. You did not want to save the Party supporters.”

A public meeting to thank the people who cast their vote to Sajith Premadasa was held in the Thalawa area in Anuradhapura today(November 24). The event was held under the auspices of the former opposition leader of the North Central Provincial Council Anil Ratnayake.

Rathnayake stated that Sajith Premadasa was the true leader of the party as he received votes from all over the country. He added that the force that will be created together with Sajith will be the force that will become victorious in this country.

“We are ready to embark on a journey with Sajith, without Ranil. There are enough and more people to go on this journey with Sajith. I do not care about others, if Ranil is in the UNP, not a single vote will be cast for the UNP. That is a pledge.” He concluded.

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