PM holds meeting with UNP ministers at Temple Trees

PM holds meeting with UNP ministers at Temple Trees

PM holds meeting with UNP ministers at Temple Trees

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17 Nov, 2019 | 8:55 pm

Colombo (News 1st): A meeting between Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and ministers of the United National Party was held at Temple Trees this evening. Following the meeting, Minister Navin Dissanayake expressed the following views:

He noted that they honour the decision made by the people and have begun discussions to determine as to how they would hand-over power to the new president. He added that they have no intention of holding on to power anymore and will work towards fulfilling the expectations of the people.

Journalist: What kind of measures are you talking about?

Min. Navin Dissanayake: We should discuss with the new president on how and when to handover power. And also if we have to resign or not. So I think the Prime Minister and the new president will have a discussion tomorrow on how to handover the power.

Journalist: Does it mean that you have an agreement to hand over power to the new president?

Min. Navin Dissanayake: We are of the stance that it should be done. There is also an issue pertaining to the general election and when it should be held. We see that the new President is attempting to hold the general election. That’s the other issue. Handing over power is the first problem. We are of the stance that power should be handed over.

Journalist: Do you think there should be a change of positions at the party?

Min. Navin Dissanayake: We didn’t convene the group meeting yet. We will have broad discussions with the parliamentary group. They have been summoned to meet at 2:00 pm tomorrow. If power is handed over, the prime ministerial position should also be changed. Discussions should be held for that. So I think there will be a meeting between the Prime Minister and the new President tomorrow. We will work accordingly.

Journalist: Will the Prime Minister like to be replaced?

Min. Navin Dissanayake: Handing over power means that. We are all of the stances that we shouldn’t be greedy and cling on to power. We want to hand this over. That’s what the people want.

Journalist: But the team including the Opposition Leader does not have a majority.

Min. Navin Dissanayake: Obtaining a 2/3rd majority in parliament is their problem. That’s not our issue. What we have to do is act according to the mandate of the people. And we are ready to do that.

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