SriLankan airlines will not be privatized – Sajith Premadasa

SriLankan airlines will not be privatized – Sajith Premadasa

SriLankan airlines will not be privatized – Sajith Premadasa

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12 Nov, 2019 | 8:16 pm

COLOMBO(News 1st) – A public rally of the New Democratic Front, was held in Kanduruwela, Polonnaruwa today(November 12). The rally was attended by the Presidential candidate of the new democratic front Sajith Premadasa as well as several ministers and MPs.

Sajith Premadasa noted that after the 16th of November, he would create the most prosperous era for the people of this country. He added that he would create an era where the silent and unrecognized masses of this country are hailed as kings. He assured that he would create a country where everyone is happy and content. He requested the public to cast their votes for the swan to ensure a bigger victory than in 2015.

Sajith Premadasa attended 10 rallies across the country yesterday(November 11).

Sajith Premadasa, speaking in Negombo:

“They misused Sri Lankan airlines. The uncle misused from one end, and the son misused it from the other. Finally, what happened? Sri Lankan airlines suffered billions and billions of losses. I make this very clear, at no point will we privatize Sri Lankan Airlines. Do not associate privatization with Sajith Premadasa… I am not someone who considers privatization as the remedy for every issue.

I will never take such foolish decisions. I will make all state-owned institutions profitable. I will appoint a group of professional, talented and efficient individuals to all state institutions, no political appointments.

I will appoint a team of capable, qualified and talented individuals to Sri Lankan airlines. I am not someone who travels overseas regularly. During the past five years, I only went overseas twice. These were not personal trips. I accompanied the prime minister to Singapore and China. I paid for my own tickets. Whether its the president, prime minister or minister, whoever travels overseas, must bring back something productive to the country.

If not, they will not be allowed to travel overseas again. The prevention of terrorism act will not be abolished for any reason. Sajith Premadasa will never bow down to the various factions who try to advise on this matter. Remember, I accepted a nomination without any conditions, and I will serve the country and its people unconditionally. I will review and study all foreign agreements once again.

I will study every letter in these agreements. If there is even one sentence that goes against the national interest and national identity of our nation, I will not hesitate to discuss this with the relevant foreign country, and remove them from the agreement.”

During the public rally in Dehiwela last evening, a group of local politicians of the National Freedom Front and Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna pledged their support to Sajith Premadasa.s.

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