I will never release those convicted of murder: Sajith Premadasa

I will never release those convicted of murder: Sajith Premadasa

I will never release those convicted of murder: Sajith Premadasa

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11 Nov, 2019 | 9:01 pm

Colombo (News 1st): Presidential Candidate of the New Democratic Front, Sajith Premadasa attended a public rally in Galgamuwa, Kurunegala today.

Speaking at the rally Presidential Candidate Sajith Premadasa noted that he will reconstruct all tanks through the Wewa Udawa program within two years and will also start a system where all children can easily obtain admission to schools without having their parents plead for favours from politicians. He also responsibly stated that he will never release those who have been convicted of murder, rape, drug trafficking, terrorism, and child abuse during his tenure.

Meanwhile, at a separate rally in Anamaduwa this evening, Independent Presidential Candidate Former Jaffna District MP, Dr. Illiyas Mohamed pledged his support to NDF Presidential Candidate Sajith Premadasa.

A public rally with the Participation of Presidential candidate of the New Democratic Front Sajith Premadasa was held yesterday (November 10) in Kegalle. Presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa received a warm reception from the People of the Kegalle district. The rally was organized by the chairman of the UNP Kabeer Hasheem. A number of regional politicians representing the SLFP, pledged their support to the NDF candidate.

Speaking at the event Minister Sajith Premadasa;

“The Kotakethana murder, there was not one but a series of murders in Kotakethana. First, a woman and a girl were murdered. Later a large number of women were murdered. Who do you think was in charge of security during that time? who turned a blind eye when a large number of women were being murdered? Who committed the crime, it was a councilor of the flower bud party. Maybe that’s why when women were murdered in cold blood they turned a blind eye. A chairman from their side raped 100 women and celebrated it. Who do you think was responsible for national security during that time? When the chairman from Tangalle raped a foreign woman, who do you think tried to save him ?. I would like to request the people from Kegalle to ask yourself, on the 16th which president will bring justice to the girl who was recently unfortunately raped? there is no doubt if anyone else gets this chance, the suspect will be freed of allegations and released.”

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